About the Communication and Marketing Committee

Description of this committee

The Communication and Marketing Committee consists of journalists and marketing professionals appointed by the entities comprising the UHD Brazil Project.
It is the committee’s responsibility to draw up, carry out, implement, control and monitor actions for disclosing and promoting the UHD Brazil Project, including the work of the other committees comprising the Project, and the evolution of ultra-high definition technology in Brazil and overseas.
The committee also seeks to ensure the compliance, coherence and credibility of the information among all participating entities, as well as in the actions of disclosure to the project’s stakeholders.

Main activities

  • Planning, producing and managing the site, social networks and other media of the UHD Brazil Project;
  • Producing reports and other materials of interest;
  • Producing and publishing news about the UHD Brazil Project and about UHD in general;
  • Engaging in communication, marketing, journalism and public relations actions coordinated and unified among the participating entities;
  • Promoting the UHD Brazil Project among the stakeholders and society in general.
  • Carla Dórea Bartz, Isabela Fonseca e Tatiana Gentil, SET
  • Eliane Leme e Teresa Azevedo, ABERT
  • Cristina Fabrini, ELETROS