About the Picture and Sound Quality Committee

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Description of this committee

The main objective of this working group is to present the advances in picture and sound quality that has been affording more enjoyable and immersive experiences, both on television sets and mobile devices. To elucidate these technological advances, the group will cover the following topics:

  • The Picture and Sound Quality Factors in UHD;
  • HDR Standards and their Applications;
  • Immersive Audio Technologies;
  • The Quality factors of 360 Video and Audio 360;
  • Screen Technologies on Television Sets and Mobile Devices;
  • The most Innovative Products in the Audio and Video Segment.
  • Alberto Paduan, Leandro Pena e Alexandre Sano, SET
  • Fábio Fonseca e Luana Bravo, ABERT
  • Aguinaldo Silva, Gustavo Albertini, Luiz Gustavo Pacola Alves, Marcelo Valpereiro
  • Lodovici, Rodrigo Brito, ELETROS