About the Consumption Habits and Systemic Vision Committee

Description of this committee

This working group is tasked with studying the evolution of consumption habits and their peculiarities on the Brazilian market, in addition to indicating new business opportunities in the Brazilian audiovisual market, bearing in mind the tradition of Brazilian TV and the massification of different distribution and reproduction platforms. As the outcome of this study, the group will draw up the outlook for the evolution of medias in Brazil over the next ten years.
After the steering committee has analyzed and deliberated on the adjustments regarding the desired outlook, this group will then assist the steering committee in understanding how the studies of the other technical committees relate to each other and to the desired outlook through its systemic vision regarding the audiovisual chain (capture, post-production, display, transmission, reception and reproduction on multiple screens).

  • Daniela Souza, SET
  • Lucas Soussumi e Mauro Garcia, BRAVI
  • Luis Otávio, ABTA
  • Márcio Robério Herman, ABINEE e ELETROS