UHD Brazil

The Future of Television and e Ultra High Definition technology

Television has always had a prominent role in informing, entertaining and fun. Nd since the early black-and-white devices, there has been a search for increasingly realistic and immersive experiences At the time when we have consolidated in Brazil the digital, the time has also come for us to look at what is beyond high-definition: a ultra-high definition.

The term refers to the 4K and 8K resolutions. In both cases, the consumer has a superior experience of image and sound than that offered by HD. A 4K television is 3,840 pixels wide, by 2,160 high – a picture with 4-times more resolution than HD. The 8K device in turn, comes with the best definition currently available in the market. Its dimensions of 7680 X 4320 pixels produce a resolution 16-times that of a high definition TV.

Besides the definition, which is the best-known property of standard UHD, there are other gains in quality to be explored, such as a larger range of colors, light variations and a multichannel audio. These attributes permit even greater realism and immersion in the content.