About the Security Committee

Description of this committee

The mission of this working group is to study, understand and recommend good security practices for the systems, from capture, production, distribution and reproduction of content, so as to avoid piracy and the threats to the privacy and the security of the information of audiovisual media consumers.
This includes the security of the networks of the systems that generate, edit, reproduce and display content on multiple platforms.
Its objective is also to call attention to current piracy practices involving TV programs via streaming and identify ways of protecting against and countering cybercrime. Principal topics:
50% of internet users in Brazil access illegal and criminal sites
Piracy of subscriber TV has migrated to the internet;
HD content of free-to-air television shown on pirate sites: illegal video streaming sites;
Illegal exploitation of digital advertising with HD content;
Causes that enhance piracy;
Observation of the market and the paralysis in the face of piracy in the means of communication;
Impunity: there is no criminal classification for theft of network content;
Criminals and offenders make abusive use of neutrality;
Class justice is slow, but cyber gangs are fast, collaborative and entrepreneurial;
Estimate of revenue and tax evasion from classic Pay TV piracy alone:
R$ 495 million per month in commercial revenue equals R$ 5.94 billion a year;
An estimate R$ 1.2 billion in annual tax evasion;
Unpredictable ramifications in the medium term as connectivity increases;
Crime in the cyber world acts and escaped at the speed of light;
Piracy is unfair and perverse competition with the creative economy.

  • Oripide Cilento, SET
  • André Felipe Trindade, ABRATEL
  • Antonio Salles e Adriano Yamasawa, ABTA